Next time, I’ll chose love

First thing I experienced when meeting him is: FEAR

Fear of not being right

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of the unknown

Fear of not being as he wanted me to be

For 4 years, fear never left me

Fear of his silences

Fear of his presence

Fear of his absence

Fear of his words

Fear of his behavior

Fear of his violence

I say yes to marriage out of: FEAR

Fear of saying NO to him

Fear of slamming doors

Fear of funny faces

Fear of time and people met and phone calls done

Fear of being late

Fear of my words

Fear of my habits

Fear of my ideas and dreams

Fear of not saying the right thing at the right time

Fear of not wearing the right dress

Fear of being full of fear


Nothing good comes out of fear

Next time,  I’ll choose LOVE!


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14 thoughts on “Next time, I’ll chose love

  1. Hi Marie,

    When we become aware of all those fears, we learn to handle them. What is important is to identify them and I am glad you are trying to overcome them. You can read this article about fear:

    Marie, I am very thankful to you for writing such a nice review of my book at Amazon! I will continue to admire your kindness. You are such a wonderful person and a dear friend. Much Love from me!


    • Thanks for sharing this interesting article with me Balroop. Identifying them is the first step isn’t it and then not allowing them in our life ever again.
      It’s a small contribution to your writing. But know it gave me the boost I needed. And I will read it again and again, cause its message, your message, is awesome!
      Much love to you my friend.


  2. Marie

    No one should have fear for any other person, especially to the extent that you had it. A relationship based on fear will never be healthy. I wish you only the best from here on!


    • Thank you Zarina. Decisions made on the basis of fear are not the best ones to make. Things can only be wrong from then.
      But Love is the way to everything and everyone. Thanks you your kind wishes always.


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