Let gratitude flow into your life…

We all hear about it and yet we are not always ready to incorporate it into our lives.

We know it’s important, we know it can change us, the way we are, the way we see the world and yet we are skeptical.

We try it one day for good or we think we should.

Or we use gratitude when life is all joy and forget about it when grey clouds are on the way.

The dictionary says this about gratitude “a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation”.

It’s even more than this. It’s recognizing that we are blessed, even through hardships, that we are blessed even when we are suffering badly, that we are blessed in times of turmoil and deep pain, as well as in times of pure happiness. It’s recognizing that we are beautifully loves.

Gratitude is a way to see beyond and to remember the good things and fabulous people we have in our life.

As you can see I have not been around for the past week or so. But I am back. And believe it or not the first article I read today is about GRATITUDE.

Thanks so much to Jodi (BTW if you don’t know her website, I’ll urge you to check it HERE. Once you’ll be there, I bet you will read more than one of her great articles). So I’ll join for the 31 days of gratitude challenge.

And who, you are reading, please feel free to join or share anything you wish on the subject.Enjoy your day, till tomorrow!




8 thoughts on “Let gratitude flow into your life…

  1. Hi Marie,

    You are so right! We forget this word when we are basking in the glory of comfort, love and happiness. We remember it when we are surrounded by tunnels of uncertainty and grope in the dark to find our way out! Probably human beings are born with this gift of forgetting to thank on daily basis.

    I feel this word – ‘gratitude’ can be assimilated into our skin if we develop the habit of thanking God everyday for giving us so much so that we can appreciate His blessings.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    • Dear Balroop. YES. If we let gratitude flow into our veins, straight from our mind to our heart, we can fully embrace it and embrace God Glory.
      Thank you for reading and sharing your ideas on the subject. It’s much appreciated.
      Take care.


  2. ****we are blessed, even through hardships, that we are blessed even when we are suffering badly, that we are blessed in times of turmoil and deep pain***

    After Kay, I did not BELIEVE this. NO WAY NO WAY NO No.

    …. only after I started seeing blessings & God’s promises did I begin the healing process.

    Love Jodi, too!! xx


    • I wonder how you could have believed so at the time KIM. You had to face the most painful pain in the world. But God never leaves us. God gives us the time we need to find him again.
      Stay safe and in peace my dear. Much love from Paris


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