For Freedom!

Freedom is a basic right

In France, Freedom of speech is an essential right

Yesterday at 11.30am

12 journalists were assassinated

Sketches v Kalashnikovs

They died for their ideas

Inside we cry

And the world cries with us

This should never happen

And it keeps happening

Blood stains on the walls

We will not let Freedom die


2 thoughts on “For Freedom!

  1. I wanted to come here and say Happy New Year Marie, but so far it hasn’t been happy has it?
    I worried about you when I heard the news. Freedom can never die as long as we are alive- even those who don’t want peace.



    1. The start was tough Salma. It took me time to say “I’m fine”.
      Freedom can never die. It’s at the core of our life. It’s in us. And even if we die, Freedom will keep shining high.
      Take care too. xoxo


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