The Best Blogs on the Rocks!

Just wanted to make something different and share with you some of the best blogs I am following for quite some time, without even mentioning them.

All of them have something in common. They are fabulous.

Fabulous blogs.

And behind each one of them, there are fabulous people.

Fabulous women. Fabulous writers. Fabulous believers. Fabulous friends. Fabulous supportive friends. Fabulous photographers. Fabulous crazy girls. Fabulous fashion victims. Fabulous poets. Fabulous real, extra real, extra extra real ladies!

In the next couple of weeks, in between my words, I’ll let you discover their words, their identity, their truth, their beauty.

2015-01-20_11 42 15_resized (2)

Here they are:

  • The Writing Bees
  • The Faithful Butterflies
  • The Family Trees
  • The Rocking Chicks
  • The Funky Travellers

You’ll see that some blogs are French one. Don’t worry they have translation widgets!

See you next week. Till then, stay well and safe.

And give thanks!

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Auteur - Blogueuse et Poète. J'écris comme je respire... Author - Blogger and Poet. Writing is my breath, my voice, my dream...

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