The Best Blogs on the Rocks – The Funky Travellers!

Let’s start this new series with the Funky Travellers.

Why do I love them so much?

They have their ways of showing me the world. They take me on the ride and behind my screen it feels like I am with them.

Ready guys! Here we go.

We’ll first go to Thailand with Nancy. You can’t visit Nancy’s world and not be enchanted by her beautiful smile. She has a way of making you unique. She is welcoming you like an old friend and she answers every single comment with love. You’ll see light, many colours, you’ll discover a bit of her life and you’ll wish you could drop everything and take a one-way ticket to paradise!

Then, let me take you to Rosario in Argentina, where Elisa will show you the world. She is a busy traveller, crossing seas and continents in search of the best places, the most beautiful scenarios.

Now it’s time to go to the other side of the world, where towers are trying to catch the sky. Eric and Lydia will show you Dubai and its surroundings with enthusiasm. You’ll never lose a good chance to laugh as well.

To end this trip around the world, I’d like to present you Amira. Amira is the first one who pushed me back into my kitchen, who allowed me to challenge myself again, who helped me believe in me again. And I have to say for the first time in years, it worked out!! So with Amira, you’ll visit the world through her tasty recipes. She explains everything so nicely that everything seems easy. And I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. 

Fancy sharing your best Funky Travellers, let’s go, I can’t wait to fly again!

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