Light after darkness

Light came back.

I don’t remember when.

I don’t remember when darkness started even.

Before I met him. Or after.

Was I leaving into darkness before letting him shatter everything?

I guess. Yes.

If I had been living into Light, I would not have let darkness enter my life.

Darkness was grey, then become dark, so dark that I could not see the Light anymore.

I got so used to darkness that I accepted it.

I could not see a drop of Light on the shore.

But Light came back at the end of the tunnel I was in.



I can’t remember.

It was dark, then cloudy.

And one morning, Light was there.

How did Light find its way back to me?

How did Light break into darkness?

I don’t know.

I think about it.

Maybe I was just ready to let IT in.

Did you experience Light after darkness? How? Did you see it coming? Or did it take you by surprise?

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4 thoughts on “Light after darkness

  1. I think the person who has not experienced life after dark has not experienced. Many times I look at certain aspects of my life with so much regret – even shame at my stupidity and vulnerability, but then that moment comes when I tell myself that I am here now and there is a reason for this…
    I think we are often waiting for a moment…one moment, but for me it’s continuous. I feel up and down, I see people for who they are and then I close off and come back to seeing the world as beautiful…


    • Regrets don’t change things Salma. I think you are right where you suppose to be. One moment, the sky is dark and the next we see a rainbow. The most important maybe is to be able to let the light back in.
      Take care dear. xx


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