Can’t stop writing

Some days I have the urge to write. If I did not have a full time job, I would write all day. I have so many things to tell, to share.

Other days, I feel empty. No words have the power to peace my mind, to calm my doubts.

With every step I make, I can clearly see that I get better, that my heart heals, that my pain vanishes.


Still there are days when I wonder how quickly all this happened, how quickly I lose track of efforts, past memories and crazy thoughts. I wonder how I arrived where I am, without losing that much of my joy, my faith.

What does not kill you does not make you stronger, it changes you, it makes you more aware of life, of what life is about. It changes your fear into no fear at all. What does not kill you sets you free.

These days, I am letting go of everything of a past which is not that far away. In between nightmares, I let life take me by the hand and show me the wonders I could not see for a while.

I am aware of the process; I remain patient, even when I wish to rush into the future, when I wish to knock at the door around the corner. I stand alone for a while, breathing in the silence or turmoil of my soul.


6 thoughts on “Can’t stop writing

  1. Even with a full time job, you doing quite well to keep us updated.

    I like your perspective on life. Strong or not, we do learn more about life and where we stand.

    Patience is the toughest thing to have. There is so much we want to accomplish in as little time as possible. However life keeps testing us. It becomes a battle of who gets tired first.

    Take care!


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