Just the two of us

The sky is blue today. If it was not cold outside, we could believe it’s summer time. Even though I love rain, rainy days are perfect to relax and unwind, I am quite happy to see the sun shining. And to plan some time out with Mister Pop.

As we do live with my parents, still, we don’t have much time, just the two of us.

When he was a baby boy, I had to admit I was scared to stay with him alone, more than one hour a day. I was so weak and unsure of my skills as a mum. I was always scared of hurting him by putting him the wrong way in his bed or letting go of him in the stairs.

It lasted a long time. I had lose all confidence in me. It took time to rebuild it.

These days, I feel much better. I still worry some time, cause it’s been two years already and we haven’t yet got so many chances to be only him and me.

But maybe I needed this time to find my place in this new life, to find peace in my body, in order to be able to give him the best!


As mums, have you experienced such feelings of not being ready, not being good enough for your kids ?



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