The Moonlight Café

 She is driving past the Moonlight Café. She used to come there once a week, to sit down on the yellow and red chairs, order a cheeseburger and a cherry milkshake. She used to come and meet Fred. Fred thought that the burgers were the best of the world and nobody could disagree with him.

Fred was a free spirit, the kind of guy you want to meet and even be, the kind of guy you want to stay with, not just an hour or a day, the kind of guy you want to be with for a lifetime.

She never comes that far. She prefers to take the other road, the one going to the north, before she can head back to the south. It takes much longer but at least she does not have to face the emptiness that is her life since Fred left.


One morning he was there and the next one he was gone. He wanted to change the world. He used to tell her “nothing is important if you stay there and do nothing to change the world”. This was his motto, his only wish in this life.

She tried many times to tell him that it was a good idea but that changing the world was a huge task and that sometime, just doing what you loved, with great passion, was enough to help the world grow. She used to draft many stories with Fred on the tables of the Moonlight Café. She could feel they could be happy together, changing the world, in their own way.

But Fred was dreaming of something much bigger. He did not say goodbye. He just left. And she never heard back of him. She deserted the Café, left her flat at the corner and went to the big city next door. She wanted to forget all about it. She was not meant to be with him. And as she did with many things, she got used to it.

She always thought that maybe someday she would see his face in a newspaper or hear about him on TV. He would have created a new program or changed the life of many homeless people. She was kind of waiting for something to happen, for him to show her that all of this was worth it. She was waiting for him to let her know that she could now go on with her life, that he was happy and safe and that she could start living normally again.

The lights of the Moonlight Café are like a call. She can’t resist the urge to stop the car and get in, search for pieces of the past and sweet memories. As she opens the door, she can see herself five years younger, the day she first saw Fred, behind the counter. She twirled around like a young bride. She closed her eyes to let the atmosphere soaked in her. When she opens them, nothing has changed, except that on the wall, you can read “I searched the world to build a better one, when I realised the world means nothing without you”.


8 thoughts on “The Moonlight Café

  1. C’est très beau, j’ai beaucoup aimé. Est-ce parce que je sais que tu as vécu aussi à Dublin ou le fait que ce soit écrit en anglais? En tout cas ça me fait penser à une histoire que j’ai vécue. J’ai été avec qqun là-bas qui est lui aussi parti du jour au lendemain. “One morning he was there and the next one he was gone.” C’est exactement ça.

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