Happiness State of Mind

You want to know what happiness looks like

Turn off your headphones

Lift up your eyes from your smartphone

And look around you

Look at the world waiting for you to rejoice

Look at the sun shining hight

At the kids laughing and running around

Look at the grounded trees

And at the pretty flowers opening up

Look at the smiling lady

The handsome guy taking your hand

Look at the mountains trying to catch up with sky

Allow your thoughts to come and go

To sit inside you for a while

Even the ones which seem odd or crazy

Invite them for a tea

Let them be

And they will fly away bedore you think about them again

Cherish your sweet memories

Your loved ones, your fabulous friends

Go on a trip down memory lane

Embrace the day, the silence

Give a hug to the child you were

And stand still for a while

The time for you to realize

Happiness is never too far

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8 thoughts on “Happiness State of Mind

  1. What a lovely blog! Marie, so happy to be here. Your verse is just beautiful. Very glad to connect with you! 🙂 ♥

    I am always grateful I grew up without technology – which has been part of my life for only the past 15 years. I do everything I can to step away from my screen. Hugs!


    1. Welcome Vidya, it’s a pleasure to see you here.
      We need to find time for ourselves, away from screens and temptations, rediscovering the power of nature and love connections.
      Stay well.


  2. Lovely words. Sometimes I wish all the trendy electronics will disappear for an hour or two. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not against it but we should really slow down a bit to enjoy the world around us.


    1. You’re definitely right Amira, we should definitely step out for a while every day to enjoy whatever nature is offering us.
      Keeping you and your family in my prayers.


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