Days without energy…

There are days like this when you feel low without knowing why. You just wish to stay in bed, rest and see what’s coming next.

Just be. Not thinking.

Relax on a bench, face against the sun.

My eyes don’t seem happy to remain open. I wish I could close them. I wish I could dive in a long term sleep. And wake up, all energized and well.

Instead I have to be at work. Looking at my screen is like torture to me. I am watching the clock, counting the minutes left. I know it’s not the best to do, but what else can I do.

I get up whenever I can to refill my cup of coffee, as if it could save my life! Coffee has this power, no?

What else?

Nothing else.

By now, just wishing to be on the bus to take a break and read one of my favorite book. This has even more power than coffee! For real…


 How do you handle these days, which seem to last forever?

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10 thoughts on “Days without energy…”

  1. Coffee, definitely, Marie! I NEED it 🙂 I really enjoyed that book! I’m reading a suspense book right now that I can’t put down. I’m almost finished….The Girl On The Train. Yikes, it’s dark. Hope tomorrow goes faster for you and that you get that much needed rest.


    1. Thanks Lisa. Yep Coffee seems to cure all kind of issues!
      Need to look for the Girl on the Train. Will check it at the library!
      The week has been messy so far, with days in bed and sickness but it’s the weekend, I’ll get my rest.
      Stay well.


    1. Definitely need to check Orange is the new Black Kim, sounds perfect for me!
      Sleeping is the only thing I could do with that horrible cold. Can’t wait for it to end and find my energy back.
      Love to you.


  2. Yes, this book – Eat Pray Love is full of hope but it is also quite depressing in the beginning. I didn’t like it much, it is like any other book about looking for a change and finding it eventually.

    Those days without energy come into our life to show the realities of life, to make us stronger and face stormy weather with the thought…’if winter comes, can spring be far behind’? Keep going, dear friend. Life is like that…an amalgamation of agony, pain and joy.
    Much love.


    1. It’s kind of close to what I have been through. A divorce is a real pain Balroop and you feel like nothing can make sense afetr it. But it does, Life is like this, you’re very right.
      Thank you for your wise words.


  3. You seem to need some rest, Marie!!!
    And what would be more normal after all what you’ve gone through those last 2 years?
    You have so many reasons for being exhausted.
    Just take care. Be kind to yourself.


    1. Thanks Marie. I think I am exhausted. You are so right. I need rest and calm. And peace and days with only the sound of the waves and kid babbling!
      I’ll look after myself.


  4. I can relate to that: Just be. Not thinking. In those time, coffee and reading books does not work for me (even though I enjoy good coffee and books). When my head is spinning with thoughts and I wish it stops, writing in my diary does help. Writing for myself, by hand, in a physical notebook. It calms me down and my thoughts start to organize themselves.


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