If you were there with me…

If you were there

I would hug you, tell you how much I am glad you are here, how much I waited for this day to come, how much I love you.

If you were there

I would take your hand and show you the garden at the corner of the street, where we would sit and let the sun sink into us and melt our hearts.

If you were there

I would tell you how much your friendship means to me, how many letters I wrote to you in my mind, every night before going to be, every morning, at prayer time.

If you were there

I would not let go of your hand. I would turn it around, holding it tight; to make sure you are not an illusion, a pure product of my fantasy, of meeting you one day, in reality.

If you were there

I would say thank you and we would both cry on each other’s shoulders for all that we went through, the pain, the loss, the mess, the craziness.

If you were there

I would not want to let you leave. We would talk for hours, laugh out loud and drink many coffees till it’s time for another kind of drink!

If you were there

I would show you Paris and you would love the empty streets in the morning, Montmartre and its artists, the sweet fragrance of the city of love, lovers kissing under the shade of a tree.

If you were there

We would talk about our first encounter behind our screens, the first word we read, the one who changed our lives, who made us feel plain and beautiful again. We would talk about the other inspiring ladies, changing our sky from grey to blue.

If you were there with me

I would be so wonderfully happy.

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16 thoughts on “If you were there with me…

  1. Hi Marie,

    You have a lovely heart, overflowing with all the emotions of care, affection and profound love. Keep them well protected dear friend, because the winds of the world shatter them when they turn stormy. Keep the flame of love burning and it will surely reach the right person. Thank you for sharing.


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