The Best Blogs on the Rocks – The Faithful Butterflies

To say “I BELIEVE” in today’s world is kind of brave. Whatever you believe in. God. The Light. Jesus. The last Prophet. Buddha. Angels. Reincarnation. Resurrection…

These two words are a true act of faith. These two words come straight from the heart. These two words drive our daily life and our relationship with others.

These women are not afraid of saying “I BELIEVE”.

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First, there is Zarina, blogging @ I met her when searching about Islam and looking for true facts about what it is to be a Muslim Women. In France for example, most people are focusing on the negative aspects of religion. They tend to stigmatize Muslim women, without trying to understand them, their choice or their way of life. And then I met Zarina and the way I was thinking about Muslim women and Islam in general changed. She is inspiring me to look closely at the beauty of God’s creation, the preciousness of life and the importance of faith, cause when life is all upside down, turning towards God is the only way for us to find peace in the turmoil.

Let me introduce you now to Milena, blogging @ Why do I love reading her words? Because they are like honey to my soul. Milena shares poems that she writes, about her feelings, her life, about healing, meditation and rebirth. We are all searching for something, loving, feeling afraid, being full of doubts, looking for peace and dealing with loss. We are a work in progress. She believes in a higher power, in the God and the Goddess, in the power of the Earth, in the Light we all carry within us.

I’ll finish with Itto –, living with her husband and her four children in the Moroccan Atlas. She created some years ago a school for the kids in the Mountains. She is inspiring in a way that she makes everything look beautiful, joyful, peaceful, and serene. That does not mean that life is a bed of roses. It only means that we are the creator of our lives and that, with the help of God, we can transform ourselves and the world.


Full stop. No need to say in what or who.

I BELIEVE and these 3 women made it possible for me to say these two words, after many years of inner doubts and worries.

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  1. Marie

    This is a beautiful post and I am so moved that you have chosen to add me here.

    I pray that you are always able to say you believe and I pray that this gives you peace and happiness always.

    Stay well always dear friend


    1. It’s so brave to say so but so important I think Zarina. You guided me on the road towards God. You helped me see the Light that shines through the clouds. You opened my heart and my mind. I’ll never forget it my friend.


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