What we are up to!

There was a time when being together with Mister Pop was tough. I could not find the balance in my life. I could not find my place as a mum, between my baby boy and my parents.

Some days are still difficult. But when we are together, we have fun. We do enjoy these special moments. It is important for both of us to recreate the link, to find peace in our relationship.

Reading and searching for books

17.01 (2)

Learning to clean

15.02 (9)

Giving bread to the ducks

07.03.2015 Petit Train & Jardin Acclimatation (5)

Eating alone

28.03 (2)

And making Pancakes!

21.02.2015 Pancakes (10)

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12 thoughts on “What we are up to!”

  1. Oooh, trop chou ! Ça me donne des envies de câlins, tu sais, juste après la sieste, quand ils sont tout doux, tout chaud… Bises Marie.


    1. C’est un des meilleurs moments Marie. Je l’appelle d’ailleurs mon petit croissant chaud. Il se lève et se blotti contre moi. C’est doux et j’en profite car c’est rare!
      Grosses bises

      Liked by 1 person

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