I talk about the Terrible Twos @ Muslim Mummy!

Before becoming a mum, I thought that the Terrible Twos was a myth, something put into place to frighten parents. We don’t need this. 

Then I became a mum. And I learnt how to deal with cries and crisis. I looked at my little boy with delight, thinking “how can this lovely little man can be one day named terrible”.

And then I became the mum of a 2 year old child. And I realized the Terrible Twos was not a mere myth but a true reality. 

He started saying no months back. I never thought that one day he would nearly only say NO to every single thing. No for eating, no for dressing up, no for bath or no for stopping to play. My little angel became a living nightmare. Many times I would catch myself thinking “Thanks God I am working outside home”!

To be true it’s not that horrible. It just happened overnight…Read the end @ Muslim Mummy  “What’s up with the Terrible Twos?”

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6 thoughts on “I talk about the Terrible Twos @ Muslim Mummy!

  1. Just read and popped back over…Would you kill me Marie if I said that it gets worse? LOL…
    We love them because they are ours and they are precious and they will become big people someday. I agree with Lisa, naps, snacks and lots of love is always needed.


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