Live with passion

Light sky

Blue dress

Inside out

Outside her head

Trying to catch up

With the string of life

Just a pen

To draw her dreams

Inside out

Finding relief

For in her heart

She could feel

The passion for life

Is real


Blue sky

Light dress

If she stops thinking

She can fly

Till the top of the mountains

Till the end of time

Breathing silently

Grasping the air

Out of her body


The sky is a dress

Keeping her secrets safe

Inside out

Embodying grace

Light blue

That colour tells stories

About you, girl

Your passion sets you free

2015-04-20_17 04 19_resized


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Auteur - Blogueuse et Poète. J'écris comme je respire... Author - Blogger and Poet. Writing is my breath, my voice, my dream...

4 thoughts on “Live with passion”

  1. Hi Marie,

    I like the way this poem opens up to reach higher…the passion for freedom is reflected in the gradual movement of thoughts from earthly love to spiritual grasp! Beautiful!!


  2. Ah… may our dreams take flight! Wrap our passion around our heart like a cape, spreading in the wind as we fly!

    Beautiful. Just beautiful!


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