When life is upside down…

Sometime life is overwhelming. You look for something. What? You don’t really know.

Sometime you lose patience, you feel exhausted, wrapped in a “not worth it” bubble.

Sometime life is a total mess, pure bullshit. You walk on the way, cause it’s the only thing that has the power to keep you alive.

Sometime you lose yourself, you feel imprisoned in a space that you don’t belong to. The outside world scares you. You don’t seem to be able to find your place.

You wish to know what to do, how to behave, how to erase these scars of the past from your face.

You are looking for some air. You can’t breathe, stuck in the middle of nowhere.

You are searching from some light, a piece of recognition or a hand on your shoulder. But around you, you can only see scattered dreams and patches of bloody screams.

You think there’s no hope. You only have to look at the shape of your nightmares, to see that hope belongs to another paradise, one you don’t deserve, or something as crazy as this.

Cause we’re crazy when we are suffering, when pain is stifling, when we keep calling into the night, like a mad owl, without getting the answers to our long lasting questions.


Drinking wine

It may help for a while

Taking drug

Pure illusion

Burying your head in the sand

Or sleeping during the day, Crying during the night

You’ll get bored or you’ll drift into a state of disbelief

The only thing that can save you is this (I tested it):





Source photo – Lavender Summers & Lilac Dreams Blog

12 thoughts on “When life is upside down…

  1. I totally agree with ‘WRITE’. It does not need to be a blog though. Just writing a personal journal, handwritten, for my own eyes only, did it for me. Why ? Because it stops the endless thought loops by fixing them on paper. They become still and more than often, writing them down brings solutions, or at least, an altered mindset, better geared if I may say.

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    1. I tried it too Kim.
      Friends, yes Friends are the best help. Friends who listen and don’t judge. Friends with a big heart.
      LOVE YOU Kim. Sending kisses accross the ocean…


  2. Hi Marie,

    Life is never the same, it doesn’t go as we wish it to flow…it keeps changing, many times changes are good! Pain is an essential part of life. It makes us understand people, it ennobles us, elevates us to that level from where we can appreciate our blessings. So it has to be topsy turvy and turbulent to acquaint us with the realism, the truth and the kindness of our own near and dear ones!

    Yes, prayer strengthens our trust and gives us hope, which is the only lifeline in adverse times. Stay happy, all works out well with time and patience.

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    1. I like the way you experience life Balroop. It is always inspiring to read your words. I am finding some serenity in them.
      Time and patience. I’ll remember it. Take care dear


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