World Mums Blog – Interview!

The first time I heard from Jennifer Burden, it was on my friend Salma’s blog. So you know, Jennifer Burden is the Founder & CEO of World Mums Blog. And World Mums Blog is a website whose aim is to connect mothers around the world, create support between them on subjects such as parenting, education, rights and promote tolerance between people from different countries and religions.

Jennifer Burden is one of the woman who makes a difference in this world. And this can’t go unnoticed.


As 2015 started, I knew I wanted to do things differently this year and bring my projects into life.  I looked through the writers page and spotted that there was no writer in France. I only needed this to send an email with a short biagraphy and an article, and let things happen. And one day I received a mail from Jennifer Burden in my mailbox, saying that they would be delighted to have me join the team. I was delighted, so here we are Ladies!

You can check my interview following this link –

Thanks so much for your love and support over the months and years. This means a lot to me. You are helping me every day becoming the person I am.

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Auteur - Blogueuse et Poète. J'écris comme je respire... Author - Blogger and Poet. Writing is my breath, my voice, my dream...

4 thoughts on “World Mums Blog – Interview!”

  1. It is nice to know more about you Marie! Your answers speak positivity and acceptance. I am glad to note that writing is moulding you so well. Stay blessed!


    1. It’s pretty hard Lisa! And nothing can prepare us to it.
      But it’s also the best job in the world…We do manage as best as we can, with what we have. Thanks a lot for reading the interview.


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