Movies Maniac!

I thought maybe I’ll try something different today. I could talk hours about my favourite stories. I am not a TV fan. But I can tell you I am a movie maniac. You know what? The perfect movie night is one you are spending with girlfriends or one you are spending on your own, with cookies or chocolate chunk ice cream.

Ok, some movies might just shake the blood out of your body and make you crawl into bed, thinking that you are about to be caught by a serial killer.

I won’t take about these ones, not today. I am going to tell you about my MUST SEE top 5 movies. I could have written 10 or 15. Even 20. But if I start, nothing will be able to stop me.

So let’s start with 5. And then we’ll see.

The movie that makes life looks like a happy place to be, that makes you understand that women have superpowers, that they can deal with every single pain and smile through their tears: Steel Magnolias (1989).


The movie that makes you want to go hug your mum, your dad, your brother(s) or your sister(s), that shows you that being yourself is the only thing that matters cause at the end of the day people love you for who you are and not for who you are trying to become (and are failing to be obviously): The Family Stone (2005)


The movie that makes you see the world through different eyes. All that matters for a child is the love you share with him/her. Love is what builds us, what make us confident and strong: I am Sam (2001)


The movie that will make you laugh and cry and think and believe that nothing is impossible, that everything can change, that being genuine is setting you free: Little Miss Sunshine (2006)


The feel good movie. My feel good movie. Cause I know one day, I will be in front of this guy, who will tell me that he just likes me very much, just the way I am (I start loving myself this way, so it’s a good beginning!): Bridget Jones Diary (2001)


Five is definitely not enough. Let’s meet next week for a new top 5. Till then, please share the movies you enjoy the most. I can’t wait to watch them!

10 thoughts on “Movies Maniac!

  1. Oh, Marie, these are my favorites as well! Loved Family Stone. I remember the first time I saw Steel Magnolias in the theatre, I wanted to start a family and have a baby. I am Sam? I own that one! Little Miss Sunshine? I took my kids to that on my daughter’s birthday and we ALL loved it! I would add ‘Amelie’ and ‘Moonstruck’ as ones I can watch over and over, preferably with chocolate chunk cookies 🙂


    1. I think we can all agree on Family Stone Lisa. So I’ll add ‘Moonstruck’ on my list & I’ll get the chocolate Chunk cookies to get the perfect match!
      Thanks and have a sweet and lovely week.


  2. You picked such great movies!!! I absolutely adored all of them!! If I added to you five, I would definitely pick “You’ve Got Mail”, “Cheaper By The Dozen”, and Patch Adams. I think that’s his name… That sounds wrong! Ack! With Robin Williams? All of those are of course, good for kids to watch too. LOVE watching them with mine!


    1. “Cheaper By The Dozen”, oh yes Chris. This is hilarious. Love you’ve got mail too, Meg Ryan, a shame we don’t see her much these days.
      Patch Adams, never heard about it. Need to get my hand on and watch it. Everything with Robin Williams is a must see! Thanks Chris and have a good day.


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