Write with passion & Be you!


I can say it’s one of my passions.

I started writing years ago. I was a teenager. I could only write in French, my mother tongue, till I arrived in Ireland and started thinking, dreaming in English. And then talking better and better, imagining stories in a language I was learning to master. I started a blog and registered to a writer’s course. I then joined a writing group. It was fun.

Being a writer. Oh yes. It was a dream.

But dreams only come true if you do one step and then another one towards your dream. If you stay stuck in your armchair, waiting for a miracle to come, hiding your papers full of dark ink in your drawers, nothing will happen. And you’ll stay where you are, cursing the world, destiny, thinking your life sucks and you’ll spend the rest of your days full of regrets and thinking you’re a coward.

When I came back to France, it took me some time to be able to write stories again, in French. I opened a new blog. I started to look at the world around, a different way. People are my main source of inspiration. I try to guess what people think. I love to hear their confessions, to listen to their chatting around. I draft stories out of their lives. I talk about mine a little bit too. I am reading Anne Lamott. I am looking at nature, the sky and the trees and the flowers and kids playing and laughing and messing with mud. I am reading poetry.

I am writing a lot. Sometime it’s good. Sometime I don’t like much what I write. I keep writing. Recently, I decided it was time for me to stop procrastinating and give myself a chance.

Becoming a writer.

I am a writer. Every single person who is writing is a writer. I am not paid for it. This is the only difference between me and a published writer.

What’s with the published world that makes us so afraid to give it a go? Success starts when we make the effort to step out of our zone of comfort. Remember – nothing ever happens to people who remain stuck in their comfortable bubble.

So I decided it was time for me to try something different, to write and send my writing out to the world, to see how it goes. My friends and family support me. My blogging followers support me. I could say I have nothing to lose. I’d rather say I have everything to win!

Tell me.

How much do you love writing? Did you already write a book? Or are you working towards getting published too? One advice to share with the writers afraid of making it happen…


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15 thoughts on “Write with passion & Be you!

  1. This is such a great post. Some time ago I was working on a book, and I identified myself as a writer. Someone told me I wasn’t because I wasn’t getting paid for it, but I asked what a writer does every day. Write. And what did I do every day? Wrote. We are defined by what we do. Keep going and you WILL get paid for it. But first you have to write! It taught me that I can become anything I want, simply by being that person.


  2. What an inspiring post, Marie! I have published a book and I’m very proud of it 🙂 Your message is just in time for me. Tomorrow I’m publishing an excerpt of my fiction which I have never shared online. I’m a little nervous because it is unedited (except for my editing) and a work in progress. Putting it out there has forced me to polish it up a little and see it through my readers’ eyes. I usually only write non-fiction on my blog so this is a departure.

    The fact that you can write so well in English while French is your first language, is amazing. You should be so proud of yourself!


    • I am very proud of you Lisa!
      Can’t wait to read the excerpt. Fiction is not that easy. But I think at some stage, after writing about ourselves, letting things go out, after healing, we are ready to jump in a new story that does not talk about us.
      I achieved great things. And I’ll achieve more. Thank you for your words and support Lisa. It means a lot.


  3. **I arrived in Ireland and started thinking, dreaming in English. **

    Lovely. I’d so much love to dream in French!

    Marie, so happy for you, darling. You’ve come SO FAR)))!!

    I’m applauding you right now.

    PS. I write everyday on paper and inside my head. For me, the words are like small saviors.



    • It felt so nice dreaming in English Kim. it does not happen often now. Come to France and you’ll start dreaming in French befor you know it!!
      Words are saving us Kim. You know it, even more than I do. Your words save many lives every single day. Never forget this.


  4. I would never have thought English wasn’t our first language. I don’t know why but I always assumed it was!

    I have always wanted to write a book. Loved writing short stories at school. Keep thinking to write a book around the story of my forced marriage. Good luck to you hun, you can do it x


    • Oh really! I learnt English at school but could not handle a conversation till I came to Ireland.
      I am sure your story would do a great book. If you ever feel like it Foz, go for it. You can even get self published…
      Many thanks for you support and friendship.


  5. Hi Marie,

    When we start pouring our emotions into our writing, we accomplish a new sense of freedom. Have you felt the cathartic and liberating effect of writing?

    Whether it is expressive writing, writing for pleasure or creative writing – it is the best outlet for those emotions, which are difficult to express and lurk deeper within the inner recesses of our heart.

    Keep writing dear friend, we love you!


    • OH YES Balroop. Writing sets me free. Words heal my wounds. In france we say “Des mots pour nos maux” which means “some words for our sorrows”. Both words have the same sound.
      Thank you for your words going straight to my heart and talking to my soul.
      Much love Balroop.


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