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I don’t know how your pregnancy went. I can tell you that mine was far from perfect, far from the dream I once had of what my life as a pregnant woman would be. I had it all planned, but nothing went according to plan. I was not sick but I was overly tired. And what made it all wrong was that something was missing in my marriage: there was a lack of communication and real love.

Many women say that the first meeting with their baby is the first ultrasound. Ultrasound technology has improved so much over the past decades. You can already see life inside you, before even feeling it. The second ultrasound was the worst for me, the one I went to, alone once again. When I was done, I stepped outside under the rain and cried. I was lost, not knowing whether I had made the right choice, keeping the baby. I was dealing with painful emotions on my own.

Pregnancy can be a fabulous experience. And it can be a terrific time too. It’s something we ought to remember, because if we don’t, it can cause much damage. We can quickly feel guilty for not feeling good. We can quickly feel that we are not good enough. Society keeps telling us that we should only rejoice and be in the best mood, that carrying a baby in our womb is amazing, that many don’t have this chance, that the baby inside feels everything.


Morning sickness, depression, rising hormone levels, pelvic pain. We can all relate to this, at one stage or another. That does not make us bad mothers. It just reminds us that we are human beings, dealing with many thoughts and ideas, dealing with struggles which often show up again after many years of survival.

By the third ultrasound, my life was all upside down…Read more on WMB


3 thoughts on “Late encounter with Life @ World Moms Blog

  1. Oh, yes I can relate to this, Marie. My first pregnancy went ok other than being on rest for a few days to avoid miscarriage. The second pregnancy was fine, too. My husband wasn’t as happy about it but okay with it (he wanted a boy). Anyway, the third pregnancy which ended in miscarriage was a real wake up call about who the man I married really was. Still makes me sad today. I’m popping over to read the rest of this!


    • I am really sorry for your loss Lisa. How hard it must have been to let a baby go and realised you got married to the wrong guy. You did great by leaving your mariage. I think we never heal from this kind of loss. We manage to live with it.
      Take care of yourself.


  2. You are very courageous girl!!! you have been through a lot but being pregnant and bearing all the pain and mood swings alone is very hard.. glad that it is over with. Unleash your powers my dear .Wishing you a happy long life.


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