The Best Blogs on the Rocks – The Rocking Stars!

Maybe it’s time to finish the story.

So after talking about:

  • The Faithful Butterflies
  • The Family Trees
  • The Funky Travellers
  • The Writing Bees

It’s time to tell you a bit more about the Rocking Stars. Get ready cause it will shake you to the core of your being.

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If I had to choose one woman whose writing changed my life, I’d choose her:

Kim from my Inner Chick

Ok, if you’ve never been over at her blog, you did miss something. So please go and read. I bet you’ll stay over there for a while. She just rocks. Her voice is changing many lives EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Raw. Deep. Maybe these are the best words to describe her writing. Everything she says is coming from inside, from her guts. I bet you’ll be like me the first time and think how this is possible, how can you heal from such a shocking disaster, how can you walk without this precious hand into yours, the hand of the person who meant the world to you.

Kind heart. Beautiful soul.

She is also raising her voice for Domestic Abuse, which still kills and imprisons women (and men) – too many – around the world today.

Kim, I love you up to the moon and back!

Time to introduce you to another great lady:

 Jennifer Burden, founder of World Moms Blog

What an idea to create this space where women and mums could connect and share their stories!

You can find solace, help, advices. It’s so important cause when you become a mother, you don’t really know what’s coming next. It can as fabulous as it can be tough. Nothing prepares you to it. And knowing that other women around the world are so close can really save your life!

Now up to:

Lisa blogging at The Great Escape

Her blog is mostly about divorce. She’s been through it and she is glad to share and help others to deal with it. Cause it’s a big change in someone’s life. Lisa has a way to make you feel at ease when you visit her. No judgement. Only love. And this is this love that makes us feel worth it. Cause before, during or after a divorce, it can be hard to see the best in us. We are more tempted by guilt and something like safe-hatred.

Lisa also deal with other subjects in a meaningful and sometime funny way!

Lisa, one last word, can’t wait to hold your last book in my hands! Go for it girl!

I’ll end with:

Chris blogging at the Mom Café

Why it feels so good to read her?

Because of her honesty, truth, for the way she handles things with care, love. Reading her is like being at the coffee shop in front of a close friend, and chatting about life, its joys, its pains, its doubts, its shocking reality sometime, its fabulous emotions too, about our kids, our girlfriends, our busy life and our dreams.

Thanks all for being there, for making the world a beautiful place! Never change and always remember that you are Rocking Stars!

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8 thoughts on “The Best Blogs on the Rocks – The Rocking Stars!”

    1. Thanks Lisa! You are an angel! It’s why I love blogging, cause we got to meet fabulous people from all around the world. My blogging friends show me that the worls is full of people with a heart. It feels so good, in the middle of such a crazy world.
      Much love


  1. Yes Marie, Kim is such an awesome person, I have known her since I started blogging. Lisa is also my dear friend and I know her quite well. Thanks for introducing more bloggers. I have just now browsed their blogs and will keep visiting.
    Stay blessed! Have a great weekend!


    1. I think we all agree on this Balroop. Kim is awesome! And Lisa so sweet (It’s you I should thank cause I started following Lisa after reading one of her comments on your post).
      Hope you’ll enjoy the other ones too. Every one has something good to share. Enjoy the visit dear Balroop. love and light.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh, Marie!!!! I am in tears…

    Thank you, my friend. SO much. I’m utterly grateful you mentioned me and my blog!!! Wow wow wow wow…

    I hope some day, I can hug you in real life!

    Off to check out a few I haven’t read!! (And PS: I adore Kim too!)


    1. You made me cry back Sweet Chris!
      One day who knows…
      Stay blessed always. You are an inspiration!
      ps – Tell me who does not adore Kim. She is SO FABULOUS!!)


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