Long-time dream

Looking at the sky

Its clouds turning dark

The first drop of rain

Caressing my skin

Around people run

Trying to escape the storm coming

Staring at the sky

Its lightning not so far

Another drop of rain

Running on my arm

Around people

In shocking panic

Trying to hide from the storm coming

Glaring at the sky

Its thunder clap

Rain pouring

Around people

Wondering why


Under the rain

Only silence

And my feelings

A long-time dream

Credit Image – Tinaslounge.tumblr.com 


10 thoughts on “Long-time dream

  1. Beautiful words. I love the rain, watching it, being in it and I especially love thunderstorms. I can sit for hours and daydream away watching raindrops or snow fall. Something peaceful and serene about the snow, but the rain can be quite passionate, drumming down heavily. Long time dreams are the best kind, the never ending and always hopeful. xx


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