It’s Time!

It’s time
Time to close the suitcases
To answer the outstanding mails
Time to clear the desk
To file and say goodbye
Holiday time
I’m ready

It’s time to fly away
To let go
To recharge
Time to look around
Time to appreciate sunsets
And sunrises
Time to stop
To rest
Time to let the watch on the side
No time request

It’s holiday time
Time to disconnect
And reconnect with ourselves
Time in nature
Time to walk side by side
Time to let the worries aside
Time to enjoy life

In the meantime
Much Love & Love Life



16 thoughts on “It’s Time!

  1. Hi Marie, Wishing you a time full of love and leisure with your little bundle of joy. Make the best of free moments to connect as time flies and before we realise, children grow out of our reach and leave us wondering…did we have enough of their childhood pranks and demands…did we give all we could. Enjoy your time off! 🙂


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