Crazy mind

His silence takes it all

The space in between

Silence takes its place

Inside your heart

Under your skin

You are searching to escape

No exit sign on the place

Something keeps you waiting

A hand keeps you from moving

A strange voice in your mind

Takes all the energy out of you

Bury your dreams

With one morbid smile

You lose track of time

Behind closed doors

Only dark hours

Madness around


In his crazy mind

You are his prize!


10 thoughts on “Crazy mind

  1. This is powerfully pathetic Marie! The choice of that picture takes my heart away. Yes, some people consider others as their trophies, personal property! Losers!

    Winners emerge from those dark rooms, breaking open all the doors and see the beauty of the sun. Stay blessed, dear friend.


    • It is still hard for me to get the idea that for some people we are only “things”.
      But what you say is right. We do fiight and win at the end, when they lose everything.
      Take care Balroop and thank you for your constant support.

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