Autumn Lights

Leaves brushing the ground

Teapots on shelves

Jugs of steaming water

And the flame of a candle

Sending joy into the world

Curled up between cushions

A book in one hand

A cup of warm spicy tea in the other

Looking at the trees becoming brown

And the midnight sun

Sending warm love to the world

Fresh air caressing our skin

Nature unfolding secrets

Getting ready for the season that says

It is time to care

To look after us

And be a light into the world


10 thoughts on “Autumn Lights

  1. Sorry I’ve just realized that I’ve commented with a different, unknown to you name :).
    Loved your detailed description of Fall. It is so colorful here in Colorado… the most dear to my heart season here. What I do not like about fall is that it is a warning that winter is coming :(.


    • Amira, what a nice surprise to see you here. I hope you are well my friend and that things are getting easier and better for you. Missing you words and delicious recipes.
      I can only imagine how it looks like in your part of the world…
      I try as much as I can not to think about winter, thought it’ll come. Let’s enjoy the present for the time being! May God keep you and your family safe and well.


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