10 things that make me go wild

I thought I would try something different today, something a bit more fun. I thought I would talk about what I like. And see maybe you’ll like it or not, or we’ll discover that we love the same kind of things and then we’ll know each other a bit better.

When you see me for the first time you may say that I am a classic girl (I don’t have problems with classic girls!). It’s kind of true, except that it’s not entirely true. Obviously when you go to work, you try as much as you can to fit in. Not that I like it much but in my job, it’s this or move on. And right now I can’t move on. Time will come.

Anyway here are the 10 things that make me go wild:

1 – High Knee Boots

I am in love with boots. I bought my first pair of High Knee Boots ten years ago, with my first grown-up salary. Same pair and I can’t live without them, as if they were made for me. There are my favourite of all times

2 – Peace warriors

The ones we know and the silent ones, the ones I see in the street, around me, the anonymous trying to make this world a bit better.

3 – Cards

The ones I send, that I choose carefully and the ones I receive. It’s always a beautiful surprise to open the letterbox and see a beautiful stamp on an envelope. Most of the time I do stop for a while to open it, to read the lines, breath in all the love inside.


4 – My leather blue jacket

Same age as my boots. With a shooting start at the back! When I wear the jacket, I wear blue power. I can do and be everything I want. I am a superstar!

5 – Cheesecakes

You can’t go wrong with cheesecakes. I could eat cheesecakes all day long. I could also cross the city just to buy my favourite one. Let’s spell it, I’m MAD at cheesecakes!


6 – Girlfriends

As Samantha says in Sex & the City, “we are Soulmates” – Oh Yes!

I can’t agree more with this. My girlfriends are making a difference in my life every single day. I would not have made it without them.

7 – Blogging

Did I ever tell you that I am in love with my blog, with your blogs? Now you know. I am in love with words, with your words, with comments, with sharing, with the caring side of it too, with blessings sent across the ocean.

8 – Gospel songs & prayers

When we go to mass here, it feels depressing (not all the time, but most of the time). When I listen to Gospel, I feel the power of God inside me, I feel God talking to me. I feel blessed and serene. I feel like everything is possible. I feel like embracing life, receiving much love and sending more out to the world.

9 – Dancing

I love dancing. Every time I hear a song I feel like moving my body. I did ballet when I was a kid. And then Modern Jazz, Flamenco, Bellydance, Hip-Hop. Dancing is a great way to express myself, to let go of everything that does not serve me. When I am dancing, I feel free.

12fb7d0e865f905c63e3bdff7d255764_resized10 – Hugs

My little one hugs are the best!

I am not a kisses person. But hugs, it is so good. There is energy moving from one body to another. Look at the “free hugs” initiatives all around the world. It works. Hugs make wonders!

Now tell me what makes you go wild?


11 thoughts on “10 things that make me go wild

  1. <<<>>> 000xxxxx

    What makes me go wild are delectable words…they seep into
    my ears & soul like sugar and syrup and melted chocolate and something silky…

    For example, “if a violin string could ache, i would be that string.” —Lolita



  2. So sweet of you to share this, Marie. There are a few things that could make me go wild but let me relate to a few in your list; no. 2, 5, 7 and 9.

    I agree with your point in no.2. To me, they are the real-life heroes who are courageous and brave, and expecting nothing in return but to make this world a better place to live in.

    I love cheese cakes so much. Awww! The thought of it makes me drool.

    Blogging – my blog is my little treasure in blogsphere.

    And, dancing – it’s more to dance steps exercise such as in aerobic which I enjoy so much.

    Happy to know more of you, Marie. 🙂

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    • Thank you for adding your thoughts Balqis, so kind of you. I think ordinary heroes are extraordinary people. They qre the ones who need our full support and prayers every single day.
      Stay well and keep enjoying life. xoxo


  3. Oh my friend, how I just LOVE what you love!!! We are SO much alike…

    “Peace warriors”- > YES.

    Gospel music. -> YES.


    Girlfriends. -> OH YES!

    Cards. -> TOTALLY.

    Blogging. -> HECK TO THE YES!


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