The Story Behind the Book

I am a writer.

When people ask, I tell them that I write as I breathe.

It’s essential to me.

I look at the world around me. And the world inspires me.

Now being an edited writer is another story.

We all have the desire to one day get the chance to hold in our hands our first book.

It might not be our best book. But at least it’s the first one, the first step towards our dreams. It’s taking the chance to make them come true.

And we all know that for dreams to come true, we do need to do something. Sitting down comfortably on our sofa won’t make it happen.

So we ought to try, to take the plunge.

And it’s hard. Cause with the first step we take, we walk into unknown territory. And it’s scary. Crazy scary.

So we can decide to give up.

Or try. We never know where we’re going. We never know if it’s going to work. We don’t have a clue whether people will love it or not, support us or not. But we do know that if we don’t make it, we’ll spend the rest of our lives with regrets. And regrets are not the best buddies ever. They are total nightmares.

Back in May, I decided it was time for me.

I started writing my first French Poetry Book.


I already had a couple of poems. I spent time editing them, rewriting them. I created new ones. I looked for a title.

I especially wanted to share with my readers how light can overcome darkness, how much love can change somebody’s life. This book is about my, but it can be your, journey from stormy days to sunny ones, from crazy hours to friendly ones. It is talking about war, joy, passion, love, violence and peace. It is talking about how gratitude can show you how blessed you are despite the pain, despite deep suffering. It is talking about prayer, women power, about writing and its healing power. It is saying that nobody can totally destroy who you are inside. God dwells inside you, as you and nobody can destroy God.

It’s called “l’essence de l’être”, which can be translated as “the essence of being”.

And at the end of it, there are a couple of lines that say to you:


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22 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Book”

  1. Hi Marie,

    I love that story of your first book. You have put it across most candidly…you are so right when you say it could be your journey too! We all have the same emotions, the same hurts and the same reactions till we learn to handle them and emerge out of them…strong and determined to continue the journey and make it pleasant because we know we have the potential, we have so much of light within us that glows to illumine our path.

    I am so happy for you that you followed that light and have reached a milestone to remember – your first book! I wish I had learnt French! But I know this book is as loving as your poetry in English. My best wishes are with you all the time dear friend. Stay blessed.


    1. Hi Balroop
      It’s always nice to read your words. They are beautiful, peaceful, inspiring. You book on success gave me the chance to take this step. the first one.
      Be blessed always for this.
      Stay safe and in peace my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie this is wonderful, congratulations on your book, I love the title, and I am sure that it is so much richer and meaningful in French than it is in English. I am sure that the book is brilliant, I know your journey hasn’t been and easy one, but I also know that its contributed to making you a stronger person.

    “I write as I breathe”, this resonates with me;-)

    I know I have been very quiet lately, but I always wish you all the best my friend.

    Stay well and in peace, and I hope this is the first of many published books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Zarina. Life is a journey…And we always have something more to learn on the way.
      I know you may be as busy as I am. We do think about each other thought. And this matters more than anything else.
      Stay blessed my friend.


    1. Thank you so much Lisa. We both know that Life is full of dark hours and pretty awesome moments.
      The first step is the hardest and the best one too!
      Lots of love from Paris


  3. Congratulations sis Marie..not just for your book but because of you empowering others..I love on what you have said nobody can destroy who you are inside..yeah and the perfect encouragement for me..see God speaks through other people..through you sis Marie who have encouraged me always..just passing by sis Marie..I may not visit you often now..I just wrote the reason why on my site..Love you sis Marie..I will miss you..always smile ok 🙂


    1. Thank you Amira. I am on the way. One in english maybe one day…
      We are safe here, yet shocked by what happened. Even more as we know it will happen again.
      Love from France.


  4. Oh Marie!! How absolutely WONDERFUL!!! A BOOK!! POETRY!!! I’m so proud of you and you are so right… we can’t celebrate dreams coming true if we are stuck on the couch. Good for YOU, for taking those bold steps toward yours. If I spoke french, I would surely read it. 🙂

    May your first book be a great success. Oh wait- it IS A SUCCESS. May it lift and soothe and nourish those who need your light.


    1. Thanks a million for your kind words and your support Chris! It is so sweet of you.
      And it means a lot. May the Light within us reach others so Light can overcome darkness.


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