Another winter day


It was one of these chilly mornings, the ones when you want to stay in bed a bit more. Outside, there was ice at the corner of the windows and owners of cars were battling to start their engines. There was smoke in the air. It was Julia’s breath, coming from under the blanket. The apartment was freezing under the winter wind. Julia hated this place. But every time she felt like moving out, she remembered how lucky she was to have at least a roof over a head and a bed to sleep at night.

In the kitchen, Brian was wearing his duffle coat, sitting down at the table, his hands around his bowl of warm coffee. He would go buy a heater today, so in the future they would enjoy breakfast together. Julia told him many times that it was not worth it, that they could not afford one anyway. But he was to decide for once.

Under the shower, the hot water made him shiver with delight. Three minutes of pure bliss. No more or he would have to finish with frozen rain. In the bedroom, Julia was about to let go of the covers and dress up. Brian appeared at the door, holding a cup of tea. He was always that kind, knowing she needed time to wake up, to emerge from the night, eyes half closed and hair gone mad. She felt blessed to have him in her life.

It was now time for them to go out and face the day. They would walk to the train station and each one would follow his way. She did not like her job that much, but at least she was doing something, getting out of the house. At least they were trying their best to create a better life. They kissed as the sun was rising through the morning clouds.

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    1. I think real love (like deep friendhsip) does help us see the beauty behind the challenges we have to face Chris. Better be thankful for what we have than in despair for what we don’t have.
      Thanks for you lovely words. xoxo


  1. Very nice, it is always better to count your blessings and be thankful rather than keep chasing what you don’t have.. I like the positive perspective in this story.


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