Love, Light & Life


In the midst of

Terror, nonsense

Violence, Hatred

Death & blood

We must stay strong

Focus on Life, its beauty, its powerful Light.

We ought to let the Light come in

And break free in our hearts.

Only Love can overcome darkness

Only God can guide us on the right road

And help us get rid of pain & fear.

May the Light be at the center of our hearts!

May we let the Light shines!

May the Light from within reach other hearts and lives!

May we believe in the Light!

Despite all the pain, the suffering

Despite tragedies

May we let Love take power!

May we let Love show us the way towards a new world!

May we build this new world, hand in hand!

In the midst of darkness,

May Light & Love show us the way to Life!


14 thoughts on “Love, Light & Life

  1. Love is indeed as powerful as your poem is depicting. Despite all the hatred and violence, love transcends all the boundaries to spread its wings. People across the globe are praying for love and peace. Thanks for sharing your love Marie. Stay blessed.


    • When I pray I do think about others praying at the same time as me. It’s powerful Balroop. And the only way to overcome darkness.
      Thanks for being there always. You support is invaluable.
      Take care.


  2. Sometime I feel the world is getting crueler and crueler , darker and darker, brutal and more brutal and there is no hope, but suddenly I read words like yours and it actually gives me hope and tells me there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks dear.


    • Always Amira. Only Love and Light can overcome violence and drakness. May we let enter our hearts and lives. May we share Love and Light always. So the world could be a much better place.
      Take care dear friend and thanks for you kindness.


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