Education is prevention…

…and prevention is protection.

Now-a-days, we hear a lot about violence. Violence at home, bullying at school, harassment at work or on the street. Violence is everywhere. It does not define our societies or who we are but it plays an important role in our evolution and how we decide to define ourselves.

In the past couple of years, the French government put into place important measures to fight all types of violence, creating adds to show its impact on peoples lives, opening more helplines, dedicated centres to welcome the victims, creating new jobs and training programs. Many well-known artists took it over and started campaigns around the country and in the world.

Still, I think something is missing in order, if not to eradicate violence completely, at least to change the vision of men and women on the subject and prevent violence from spreading even more. Before discussing the impact of violence, people first have to be educated on what violence is, how to spot it and how to protect themselves from it. MORE on WMB


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  1. Prevention is Vital…
    Education is Crucial.
    –Did you know that little girls ( are told often ) that if a little
    boy hits them, he must like them? And everybody laughs.
    Yes, it begins VERY early ( These mind-sets )

    xxxx Love and Hugs from MN.


    1. This is horrible Kim. This has to change.
      It’s like men saying “when a woman says no, she means yes”. WTF
      Thank you for raising your voice
      You are saving lives. Every. Single. Day
      Love flowing your way…


    1. There are so many things that need to get done Lisa. To be true I don’t really know where we should start. I encourage and support people doing things, like Kim and others, raising their voices.


  2. Violence in bad, but the problem is that it really starts with governments, they promote violence and hate through their actions and then try to educate people that violence is bad!!!!!


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