Christmas spirit

It was not in the air. Something to do with recent tragedies, or the fact that winter was not there yet? I don’t know. Something was missing in the atmosphere. Here and there, it looked like we were all searching it, the magic, the light and the extra joy that Christmas brings at the end of a busy and sometime tough year.


We kept looking for it in every encounter, every prayer, in every smile shared or gift prepared with love. Still, Christmas seemed out of touch.

Till it was time to celebrate.

Till we all stood in the little church of a small village, holding hands and singing, praising God for Jesus Birth miracle. It was our first Christmas mass together after many ups and downs, years of being apart, after darkness, sadness and pain, after loss and grief.

Christmas found me after all. God took my hand and told me “I am here. You don’t have to look for me in all these places, I am right here, close to your heart. I am in the wind, in the sky. I am in the flower you look at. I am in the air you breathe, in the friend you share time with. I am in your tears and in your outburst of joy. I am in your moment of despair and in your projects, new ideas. I am never far away. Just call for me and I come. I am here. You are never alone. Let the Light feel your heart. Let Mother Mary and Baby Jesus show you the way. Let them be your guide. Never doubt my Love. Never doubt yours. Love is all there is. There is nothing outside of it.”

Now tell me, how was YOUR Christmas?

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9 thoughts on “Christmas spirit”

  1. I never went to church even if I feel I should have. In a way, I did not need to. It’s very confusing. I felt lonely among my people, I was sitting at the table, I was listening to all the conversations. It sounded like some noise I could not make any sense of… I wanted this Christmas so much, I had waited for it, I had expectations and once it was there, it was already over. The magic was gone. Still, I sat there, smiling and listening, pretending to be okay.
    In the heart of the night, lying next my cats who were fast asleep. I started praying. And I surrended everything I had : all my doubts, all my fears, my whole insecurity, my whole life. I surrended my love and I received His Love. I heard His Presence, I felt He was there.


  2. We forget in our daily life sometimes that God is there, in the mundane, the everyday and the routine. We get a glimpse when we go out, especially for because I live close to mountains and they are a reminder of His power, and His glory. This morning I drove my daughter to work and as I was driving back, driving west where the mountains are, I say the sunrise falling on them and they were lit up pink. I was taken aback at their beauty and with tears in my eyes, I thanked God for this beauty and for His ever presence in everything we do.
    Take care Marie, my dear. God is always near you, all you need to do is call on Him.



  3. Oh how I wish I read this sooner…. I needed these words during the week of Christmas. It’s been a hard holiday break- sickness and stuck-ness always pull me far away from God. So do many things that are going on in this world.

    What beautiful and hopeful words you share, my friend. They blessed me so… ❤


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