Friend Farewell


Then apart

Happy feelings

Feeling trapped

Holding hands

Letting go

Sharing moments

And no more

Friends forever

Farewell time

Too much silence

Between your life and mine

Happy days

Rushing fast

In my mind

Heavy clouds

A promise

Together and never apart

Much distance

Different paths

Like two ships

Sailing away from the secure shore

Of our mutual love

Letting go of memories

Hopes and ties

We are left alone

With some scars

It’s time

To say goodbye


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6 thoughts on “Friend Farewell

  1. Your poetry always touches me. I have missed catching up and connecting on all levels. How are you and Mr. Pops doing? I read your message. You are one of my truest friends. I just needed some time to regroup. I will send a proper email this weekend with details. Please take care.
    I am blogging in my own space again (link below).


    • Glad to read you sweet Salma. I imagine Life is busy in many ways.
      We are well.Very well.Good to see that you keep blogging. Will visit you over there now…
      Take care and love to all.


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