Crazy midnight

You were always calling

After midnight

Same old song

“Where are you tonight?”

You were always ringing

At the door

In the middle of the night

“Open to me Babe

I want to hold you tight”

Stop sleeping

Wake up darling

Make me some tea

Let’s watch TV

You could not stop calling

After midnight

Asking me why

“You’re already asleep? “

You could not stop ringing

At the door

“I crossed the town

To hold you in my arms”

Stand up love

Welcome me

With a smile

And a hot meal

To keep me warm

You kept on calling

After midnight

Telling me

“I’m sorry

I didn’t want to make you cry”

You kept on ringing

At the door

“Let me get in,

You’re the love of my life”

I want you

I need you

Don’t let me down

Don’t say goodbye

I will call before midnight

Without asking you to make the bed right

I will come home before midnight

Making love to you till the morning light

Give me a chance

Before midnight

I beg you…

No more calling

After midnight

I hated

The story you made up

Every time

No more ringing

At the door

No more smoking inside

And your wishes to please

Before mine

I don’t care

Where you’ll go

I don’t want

To be around you anymore

It’s midnight

I am ready

For a brand new Life



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