This poor little guy

I want this

I want that

I want you to do this

I want you to agree

I, always I

It’s all about you

Always was

Still is


I remember

You were this poor little guy

Accusing the world to treat you badly

Accusing me to not be good enough

Accusing your sisters to argue

Only to cause you pain

You were this poor little guy

With a sad childhood

In demand of happiness

But doing nothing to make it happen

Accusing others for your sad little life


Nothing changed

You did not

You are still the poor little man

The victim of a mad woman

Living far away from your child

You are still the poor little guy

Trying to make me change my mind

To fit your wishes

To simplify your life


You want me to change the deal

To send out the cards again

So you can get a chance to win the game


There is no victim

No persecutor

I chose Life

To be happy

If you choose death

It’s your mistake!



12 thoughts on “This poor little guy

  1. I don’t know him but from what I can guess through your writings, he does not deserve another chance. You probably gave him all the chances he could have to make things right. And he never did because as you said, he is a poor little guy, feeling sorry for himself and not making any effort. He is the bad guy and he should have woken up before violence became his way of dealing with things, he should have known better that this was not the thing to do, towards anybody on earth and especially not towards. Just as well you left ! I am glad you chose Life. I am glad you are where you are now, far away from him. ❤


    • I gave him all the chances, even ones he did not deserve Julie. For him, it was always others people fault. He never understood that sometime he was the cause of the trouble. He thought he was perfect.
      I am away for him. And our child too. There is a justice in this world my friend.

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