Bi-Cultural child & Single Motherhood @WMB

I think it’s important when raising a bi-cultural child to find a balance between both the mother’s and the father’s upbringing and cultural backgrounds. The truth is, it’s not always that simple. As a single mom who is raising a Half-French, Half-Egyptian boy, I can say it’s quite tricky most of the time. My son’s father is not very involved in his life. He is around, but Skype chats are not the best way to establish a peaceful and steady relationship while teaching a young child about a far-away culture.

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I decided that I could be the one talking about this other part of who he is. We started with a small photo book that I built from photos that I took on a trip when we were still married, showing the country, the village where his dad grew up, his dad’s family members and some nice spots around. Whenever he wants, he can ask me to have a look at it.

We have other resources at home, such as books and songs. Read full article HERE


14 thoughts on “Bi-Cultural child & Single Motherhood @WMB

  1. Muslim Mummy

    I think it is lovely that you want your child to learn about his fathers culture. I have come across many people who when separate try to push out the other parent. Love the photo book idea.

    Hope you are well hun x


    1. I think it’s only fair for the child, Foz. I suppose that when things are not said or told it creates frustration and many questions. One day or another, you’ll have to unlock the door.
      Thanks dear. Stay well. XOXO


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