Street Inspiration


There she is, at her desk, looking outside and watching people coming and going in the street below. It used to be her favorite time of the day. She used to love being there, behind her window, unnoticed, looking at people living their life. She always thought that it was inspiring. She would spend hours till it was time to move on, to let the street behind.

She could see people talking, sharing words about the days and the nights, the ups and the downs, life as it is, sometime completely bright, sometime entirely dark. She could sense the smiles coming and could hear the kids laughing with delight. She could see love at her door, people kissing, people being happy, people feeling blessed. And from time to time people saying goodbye, breaking up. She could feel the tears under heavy eyes.

She could see people being free or being sad, being full of promises. She could see pain and feel how delighted some were to be alive. She could see people fighting their battles and people helping others. She could see light inside dark hours and terrible secrets being told when night came.

She could be them. She could be there with them. In a way she was. She was sharing whatever they were going through. She hoped and dreamt. She believed and remained faithful.

There she is, at her desk, ready to give life to a new story.

Credit Image – Photographie Poétique Tumblr


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