Airport Memories

I remember…

August 2006

Time to say goodbye. My life was about to change. For the best. And the worst. And the best again. You never know what Life is going to be. You only have to go with the flow. Wait and see. Then take action and do the best to be happy.

A sunny morning, at the airport (France). I had two bags, my family and my three best friends with me. I was about to make a step into an unknown world.

On the other side of the sea, two little girls were getting ready to welcome me.

I don’t have much left of this day, only memories, a photo, something inside my chest telling me “you’re crazy”. And many worries.

On the other side of the sea, the two girls were waiting, in a different airport, not sure whether they would like me.

I can still see myself, face against the airplane window, looking outside, at the tarmac, trying to relax and not understanding a word. I think I slept during the flight.

I did not know yet that I would do this trip many times; that I would go and come back to a place I would call mine.

My feet on the ground, in a stranger land. I could hear and feel my heartbeat. You would never know, till you experience it, how much two girls can be that scary!

And then the last line, past the luggage reclaims area, past customs. The rest of the world as you know it stays behind. You are playing with a range of new feelings and emotions.

I did not know that ten years later, I would do the same trip and meet two wonderful teenagers, waiting to welcome me.

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15 thoughts on “Airport Memories

  1. Memories are always sweet, even those which we try to leave behind keep coming…
    Marie, you have left many things unsaid. I hope you would open up your heart, it is always therapeutic. Stay blessed! Love and hugs.


    • Thank God, no Amira. I wonder whether I’ll see them one day again…not that I don’t like them, they were kind to me. But I believe they belong to the past, to my ex now.
      These ones are fabulous girls! I love them.


  2. Ah… What an inspiration you are to me, Marie!! The courage you had to travel and experience something so different and new- AMAZING. And what a blessing it turned out to be!! Over and over again…

    You’re right. You never know what lies ahead. But you took those first faithful steps years ago- and found a TREASURE. ❤


    • I think it’s the best decision I took Chris! I needed space, to know something different, to find myself. And it turned out to be a blessing.
      It’s often when you get out of your comfort zone that you give yourself the best chances in life.
      Your words touch my heart dear Chris. I am glad I inspire you as you inspire me.
      Stay well.


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