Two “crazy” girls!

So, what about these two crazy girls?

I call them “the girls” or “my girls”

They were 3 & 5 years old when I met them for the first time. I was leaving France to be an Au Pair in Ireland.

The first months were terrible. They could not stop begging for the previous Au Pair to come back. I was left on the side.

I remember this year as one of the most challenging yet the most fabulous one.

It was challenging to look after two little girls, to get used to a new kind of education, to understand and speak a new language, to find my place in a family and outside.

It was fabulous, cause with time, the girls and I, got used to each other and had much fun. I met sweet and lovely boys and girls. I did party more than I ever used to. I felt in love. I let love go. I travelled and enjoyed every day.

It was challenging when one of my best friend lost her dad, challenging when my grandad passed away.

It was fabulous to be able to express myself in a new language and be free, free and safe, free and at peace, free and dancing.


I stayed Au Pair one year. And I lived in Ireland five more years after this introduction year. I was part of their everyday lives. I was blessed to see them growing up. I was there every time a new Au Pair would show up in their lives. We were sharing something special. I was there for first day class in September and for Holy Communions, for Birthday and Pyjama Parties.

I spent my last days in Ireland with them. Their smiling faces got rid of the tears on mine. They are “my princesses”, “my girls”.

Two weeks ago, I took the plane again, back to Dublin. All the sad years are nothing compared to the love for this place, compared to friends & these two girls, now in their teenage years.

I arrived late and the keys were in the flower pot outside. This is my family across the sea. When I arrive in their place, I feel at home. In the morning, I woke up early and when I went down the stairs, I heard their footsteps. They rushed into my arms. I felt blessed.

Credit Image – Eleanor Bridge

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14 thoughts on “Two “crazy” girls!”

    1. We stayed in touch as long as I was in Irlande. May au paie mum is the first one I called the evening I decided not to go back home. They are like family to me. And I know that this feeling is shared by them too.
      This was a terrific year indeed Lisa! One I recall with stars in my eyes.


  1. Hi Marie,

    Your words are dripping with love and contentment…the time you spent with these girls must be a memorable one! Such moments always bring eternal joy. Thanks for sharing them.
    Stay blessed and be happy. Love and hugs.


  2. Wow, what a great journey, to up and move to a new country with a new language and to be with complete strangers. I would love to hear more about this marie! And how wonderful it is that they are still a part of your life. Thank you for sharing this happy memory with all of us, I got the warm-fuzzies reading it 😀


    1. The first day was tough Amie! The first months too!
      But I was free and felt like I could create the world of my dreams. These girls are awesome. They are growing into two beautiful teenagers. Yet, our first memories are still dancing happily into our hearts.
      Thank you my friend and much love to you all.


  3. Oh what a beautiful story, Marie!! I just love love love reading the JOY in your words. What an incredible experience, and I’m SO glad you were able to once again revisit such a wonderful place again, and see those two precious girls you adore so fully. ❤

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    1. Even though I shed many tears in this country, Ireland is for me a wonderful experience, a country I love with all my heart. When I go back, I remember only the good. The bad is fading away or if it’s there, I talk about it with no pain.
      These girls are precious to me Chris. Thanks for your comment always full of love and kindness. They make my days!


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