Carry Love

Carry love with you

Every day

Wherever you go

Carry love

And share it

Carry love

On your skin

Like a indelible tatoo

Embody love

With every smile

Carry love with you

From the morning light

Till darkness arise

Carry love

With faith

It’ll never fade away

Carry love

Like a light

A messenger

Into the night

Carry love with you

Hold it tight

Love is the way

The only one

Carry love with you

And take good care

Of your heart

Love is all there is

Love is all around


12 thoughts on “Carry Love

  1. Lovely Marie…love is indeed a wonderful emotion and yes, it is all around us, we just have to open our eyes! It is not just physical, it pervades around us in various forms and shapes. Stay blessed! 🙂


    1. You are very right Balroop. Love can’t be countained. Love is everywhere, in nature, in feelings, in our daily lives, in relationships, in the gentle smell, everywhere.
      Thank you for all your sweet words. xx

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  2. Beautiful words, Marie. You are right, love is everywhere, it’s just we are too self absorbed to realise it. I hope we open are eyes and see that love and learn to love those around us regardless of colour, faith, opinions or ideas.
    Lots of love,


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    1. It’s not my tattoo (but seeing this, I might like to try it someday Chris!)
      Thank you so much and may you keep carrying love with you and sharing it. We can’t live without love and yet we will never have enough love in this world.
      Stay well and blessed.


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