The Warrior

Just thought it would be nice to share the first poem I wrote (in English) – It was during a writing course I took in 2010 in Dublin. 

Sitting breathless on the grave

Stay silent and be brave

An instant rush in the past

Wishing today will never last

Here and there time goes by

There’s an empty hole in the sky

On the road night and day

Running the distance that separate our lives

Feeling dead anyway

No miracle to keep us alive

Falling apart, no desire

The one who stands is a warrior



13 thoughts on “The Warrior

  1. Yes Marie! ‘the one who stands’…whatever the situation and whatever the circumstances! Life makes us into warriors! Lovely thoughts and the image you chose is so symbolic.
    This poem depicts your potential and the determination so well! Thanks for sharing.


    • You’re so right Balroop. We are ordinary heroes. We are important. Life is changing us, transforming us and with every breath we are facing whatever we have to face, with faith.
      Stay blessed Balroop for all the love and kindness you are sharing through your words.

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  2. Whenever I read your poems, I always have to wonder what exactly you were going through that would cause you to put these words together, you know? And this poem is a good example. What were you going through that would give me images of a grave, of a warrior standing alone? This is thought-provoking indeed!


    • In fact, it’s the world that inspires me Amie. The way people feel, look, act, the way humans are and interact with one another.
      Thank you for being there and reading me. Thank you for your friendship and your love. It’s precious.


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