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Over the past few years, I realized that it was important for me to get to know who I am, to love myself (without condition), to create my space, to find some “me” time so I could deal with motherhood, work and daily life, peacefully and with an open heart. This way, I could give my full attention to my child whenever we have time together, or to my friends and family. By taking care of myself, I would surely take better care of the people around me. And by falling in love with myself, I would allow love into my life, the kind of true and respectful love I

I’ve always been the first to tell family and friends, “think about you” or “you are important, you need to look after yourself”, “take some time away, it’s good for you and for your kids, your husband….” That’s it: I give good advice when it comes to others. It’s another story when I am concerned.

I have to acknowledge that I have a tough time finding my balance between my life as a mum, my life at home with my parents, my personal life including meeting friends and creating new relationships, writing and relaxing. I feel like it’s too much for me. Read the article HERE @ WMB


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11 thoughts on “Finding the balance @ WMB”

  1. You are absolutely right Marie…finding time for yourself is very important and I am glad you are aware of it. Once you start making an effort, time starts giving you way! My best wishes for you.


    1. So true Balroop. In fact I took the decision to wake up early in the morning to enjoy some peaceful time for myself. I already see the difference!
      Well wishes and much love to you dear. Stay well and have a lovely week.

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  2. Wise words and an important advice. Me too, I always tell my friends we should always have a me time but when it comes to real world, I always put my kids and husband first trying to fulfill everyone’s first when I should do the same for myself at least once in a while!!! crazy life.


    1. We are better at telling others how to do things Amira! When it comes to us, we tend to forget that we are human beings with needs.
      As for me, I know that I am not well when I don’t have a bit of time for myself, I get tired, bored and anger strikes quite quickly. No good for us. It’s when I know it’s time to let go and think about me first.
      I hope that soon enough I won’t wait to feel exhausted before taking action.


  3. Oh do I GET THIS Marie! It is a constant struggle to tend to our own needs, while caring for others. I’m off to read your article!


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