Rain in May

On the right

People rushing

Under the dark sky

Umbrellas dying

At the feet of kids

Jumping with their wellies

In large puddles

On the sloppy ground


On the left

Nature opening

Its heart

To welcome the day

Flowers blooming with grace

Green fields blazing

Under the enchanting drops

Coming from the cloudy sky


In the middle of the crowd

Crazy people

Cursing the dark clouds

Looking at the watery bubbles

Crashing down

Like nuclear weapons

Bombing their lives


What a funny scene

On a gloomy day!

Credit Image – Maboulunette Tumblr

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Auteur - Blogueuse et Poète. J'écris comme je respire... Author - Blogger and Poet. Writing is my breath, my voice, my dream...

5 thoughts on “Rain in May”

  1. I love the left part of this poem Marie…it inspires, it evokes beautiful images…reality is so monotonous but rain breaks it, only if the ‘crazy people’ stand and look at the clouds. Yet I am guilty of cursing the rain when rushing to work…life is so paradoxical! 🙂
    Wonderfully presented!


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