Mess around (or the tale of a crazy weekend)

It was the kind of weekend you wish you can take a plane ticket and fly straight to the other side of the world. ON YOUR OWN.

Do you know this kind of weekend?

It starts with a sick child and ends with a sick child.

In between, the child gets high fever and then wakes up at four in the morning, feeling full of energy again, after asking you twenty times “can I have some water? I want to pee”. He gets out of bed and is ready to party. When the only thing you are dreaming of is get one more hour sleep.

Deprived of sleep, you do feel like a zombie. And your long time best friend “patience” has decided to take some holidays. You are on your own to face the storm – a whining, crying, tearing and shouting little guy. Outside it’s raining, bad luck!

Your mum can’t take it anymore. And your dad seems to enjoy making you feel like the worst mum ever. Stop shouting, YOU are the cause of this kid sad little life. Thanks Dad!

In between, it’s Mother’s Day! You won’t be able to hang around in your pyjamas all day. Unfortunate.


As you are getting ready, you look at the clock, it’s already noon and nothing’s ready. You wonder how mums do with more than one kid. You start thinking that your dad is maybe right – you’re a failure!

Everybody’s there and everybody love your hummus. It looks like you did get something right, after all. You are getting better at cooking. Your ex is a smuck.

You decided long before this family meeting that this time you will not get involved in highly controversial discussion. You’d rather listen than talk. Till it’s too much for you and you open your mouth. Some people still think that money is more important than Human Beings. You can’t get it. You have to let the words flow out. Silence is a killer. Bad idea. Again. A ride to the kitchen might help – washing is relaxing.

In the meantime, your little one decides that he won’t have a nap. Perfect. He is looking around at all the naughty things he can do, so instead of enjoying your guests, you’ll stay with him and play. Remember, he IS the center of the world. You end up shouting and telling him that YOU exist too (even if everybody thinks that you are a mum before being a woman. Stop being childish and take care of him – you come last.)

Outside, it’s sunny again; time to get some fresh air. You need it, more than anything else. Your last cup of coffee did not help that much but at least your headache is gone. You can’t have it all.

You are this kind of woman who thinks that TV is bullshit. You remember that before having kids, you were the first one saying “no TV at home”. It was before. Now you know that you’ll enjoy 30 minutes rest, as your little one is watching for the 50th time his favorite Disney movie. You are also getting ready for daddy’s call at 6pm. What will he come up with this time?

As you skype your ex for the “son-dad chat” of the week, you wonder why the men of your life enjoy so much messing up with you and treating you like shit. What’s wrong with you? It seems to you that you start treating yourself better than the past years. Are you still missing something?

Monday morning, it’s pouring rain, time to get the boots out again. Your child is still sick, still crying for nothing, still behaving like a dictator. You need two coffees to wake up. Your mum thinks “what’s wrong with that child?”. Your dad thinks “I can’t stand this anymore”.

You feel like crap but don’t forget that chaos is part of life (too)!


11 thoughts on “Mess around (or the tale of a crazy weekend)

  1. Oh no dear. Did you bring him to the doctor?
    He’s probably like us: fed up with the weather that plays on our nerves. Go swimming with him, when he’ll feel better. He’ll be tired and will sleep well.
    Good luck and no, you’re not bad mum, you’re an incredible and beautiful woman with lots of energy, ideas but surrounded with people who don’t sometimes/always realise it.
    Happy Mother’s day! ❤

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  2. Oh Marie!!!! This all sounds so terribly awful!! You poor thing. Sigh…

    Kids can be SO exhausting- and oh do I get sickness and NO sleep and the cranky sick kid and the watching the kid at family events and the parents and well, most of this! I hope your boy is doing better, you got through that call and you managed to get back on your feet that don’t have boots because the rain finally STOPPED. (Figuratively and literally speaking.)

    YOU ARE A GOOD MAMA! AND YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN. Don’t let anyone make you think differently. ❤

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    • YOU made my day Chris!
      We are doing much better by now, thought it’s still raining. Kids can be so sweet and so terrible. Some days I can’t stand it anymore. But after two nights sleep, life is back to normal.
      And parents…they do think they know better. But you are right, we are the ones who know best what to do and how to do it when it comes to our kids.
      THANKS for the words of support. THANKS for your kindness my friend.


  3. Never ever think you are a failure! My whole family often made me feel like that…that I wasn’t doing things right….. But your child is loved and happy

    I think most parents have felt like this at some stage…especially when they get ill…it can be exhausting!


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