Social Media – Love / Hate relationship

Some days, I can spend hours reading amazing blog posts written by fabulous writers, scroll my Facebook and Instagram news feeds, watch great videos and learn new things.

Some other days, I can’t stand this non-ending flow of inforation, words, details, images, status, links to follow, comments to write.

Some days, I feel blessed to be able to connect with many lovely ladies and guys from all over the world – We are sharing so much together.

Some other days, I feel like I’m missing something right here, right now.

Some days, I wish to take in more wisdom, to celebrate life with you, you and you. I feel balanced and at peace. I feel new technologies have a beautiful way to change our lives (for the better).

Some othe days, I turn off all devices. I am looking for less noise around me and in me. I come to believe that all these technologies are pushing me the wrong way. I wish I could live without. I’m about to cancel all my accounts. I am losing my mind.


This is a never ending circle of love and hate relationship. When I catch myself spending a bus trip, my eyes stuck on my phone screen, I am about to scream.

And then I remember – You and I, we created such a special bond through our words. I recieve your love, support, kindness with a smile on my face. Sometime you even write them down on paper and I recieve them with great joy in my letterbox. Magical! Without Internet, We’d have never met. You: Crazy Amazing Beautiful Great Wise Loving friends.

With and without. With the best of it. Without, when I am losing track of my own footsteps on the ground.

Tell me, what is your relationship with blogs and social medias? Are you good at finding the right balance? Did you find it already? Or are you still searching for it?

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8 thoughts on “Social Media – Love / Hate relationship”

  1. I think this is a universal theme, Marie. I feel the exact same way. When I do take a break and return, I feel refreshed. Facebook in particular drives me crazy and I don’t go on my personal account much. Honestly? It’s just full of useless information and lots of B.S. Reading blogs is a true pleasure, though. WE can always pass over the ones that we aren’t relating to.

    When I write a post and soon after my friends show up to share their point of view, that is an amazing feeling. Theirs and your support is very REAL!

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    1. I definitely get what you mean Lisa. That’s why I love blogs. The connection is real and we are learning and sharing so much. When it comes to facebook, I try my best to focus on the good things. And when it’s too much for me, I close all devices and take a good break.
      Finding the balance is tough when I’m in much need of interaction. Which happen when I don’t take care of myself as a woman and give everything as a mum.
      Take care & thanks for sharing your views on this topic.


  2. —I get it, Marie.
    Social media a FABULOUS, sensational, amazing, & I’ve met brilliant people because of it.
    I mean, my pen pal is from Kenya.
    On the other hand, social media is Horrible, time consuming, not real, and have several bully’s on it.
    It’s all about balance.
    ahhh, that’s the rub. ( and sometimes it’s hard)
    MY PET PEEVE: people that are on social media when they are w/ me. RUDE. SO RUDE. You know what I told Kay ( my sister ) “If you don’t put that phone down, I’m leaving!” I laugh about that now.
    xxxx kiss from MN.

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    1. I know what you mean Kim. I have a hard time understanding why people can’t get their eyes off their screen, while talking to you or enjoying a special moment with you. My sister does this ALL THE TIME.
      I think it’s the same for everything in life, finding what’s right and what works best for us. I LOVE blogs. I can’t think of missing posts from beloved friends I made all over the world. When it comes to Social Media, I hear so many bad things that I wonder whether we need it or not. I think it’s the SHARING part that makes the difference.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much love from Paris (waiting for summer to settle down). xx


  3. Oh Marie, do I GET. IT. I struggle with balance and needing breaks every single day, really. I always feel like I have so much to get done in the blogging world and that pressure raises my anxiety if I don’t do it all- but I NEVER do it all! Hence the constant lack of peace. I really must be vigilant in making those decisions to turn it OFF and walk away- no matter my anxiety.

    Sometimes I fail at being present in the real life moments, because of my blogging. This summer is especially dificult with some writing projects I must get done. BUT-

    This blogging? It is such a BLESSING, and the connections are SO IMPORTANT to me, and I absolutely LOVE writing, reaching, reading, learning and growing and being challenged too.

    So let’s keep this going- even on the other days, okay? ❤ XOXOXOXO


    1. I get what you mean Chris. We have special connections through Blogging too, and this is what makes it so important in our lives. At the same time, we should not let down other people on our lives and lose track of our path.
      It takes time I think to find peace and balance. It’s a process and when we think that we have found what we were looking for, we are left with something else to work on.
      But it’s part of life I guess.

      We’ll manage it. All the best for your summer projects Chris. Stay well and enjoy the season and the break. xoxo


  4. Oh I know how you feel! My phone charger died recently and I was off social media practically all day….and you know what…it was actually nice!! but then at the same time the internet is my means of connecting with others…so it is kind of a love/hate relationship!


    1. It’s a wonderful way to connect Foz but sometime we tend to forget what matters and spend way too much time away from our lives.
      it’s a question of balance!! Hard to master!
      Take care.


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