You want to criticize my parenting – so what! @WMB

Last weekend I was away visiting some friends in the South of France. While we were talking about how hard it can be to raise kids, we realized that whatever we do, we’ll always have to face criticism, whether it is from family members, friends with kids or other parents around. People have an idea about everything. And when it comes to parenting or motherhood, they think that they must share what they think about this or that. Without even being asked to do so.


When it happens, we tend to feel like we are the worst mums ever. We’re not doing things the way we should do them. Others seem to know better. It’s very easy to get depressed, to cry and go straight to the first doctor we know to empty our hearts full of negativity and stress.

What if the others weren’t wrong, just different?

We all have our ideas on how we wish to raise our kids, what values we wish to pass on to them, on how well it feels for us to deliver a specific message. There are no rules, except the ones everybody knows, that say we have to take care of our kids and respect their needs, respect who they are and help them grow. The way we do it belongs to us. And most of the time we do the best we can with what we have… Keep Reading on WMB



10 thoughts on “You want to criticize my parenting – so what! @WMB

  1. Hi Marie,
    Criticism is an essential part of life. We face it at various occasions but the winner is the one who looks at it in a positive manner, learns from it and assimilates the goodness inherent in it. No parenting is perfect and all of us try to be the best as we all love our children. Only perspectives and cultures differ. 🙂 Best wishes Marie, you are the best mom…when we think so we can be!


    • Thanks Balroop. You are very right about criticism. Sometime I just felt overwhelmed by it.
      “when we think so we can be” I LIKE THIS VERY MUCH.
      Stay well and thank you for your kind words (always).

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  2. So manu points to take into account; you, your kids, his/her family, the place where you live, the country, the grand parents etc.
    So no, no-one is perfect. You just do what you can, want, when you can and with what you can offered to your kid!
    We’ll that’s the way I see it 😉


  3. OMG, I thought giving – un asked for parenting advices- was only a thing Egyptians do!!! These kinds of advices really get to my nerves, not only because they are advices I did not ask for but also because I believe each mother-shild relationship is different even in the same family. Each mother knows her son/daughter best and she can handle him/her better. When I am stuck at something I might get other’s advice but I have to be the one who is seeking help not having people voluntarily middle in my relation with my own kids…. urgh, if you let me speak about this issue I will never stop :). Really, so annoying!!!


    • I know Egyptians do this A LOT Amira!! But others too!!
      This is it, when you ask for advices, it’s always nice to receive some. But when you live your life and try to find what’s working best for you and your kids, it can be really annoying!!
      I can’t stand it to be true and I have to refrain myself a lot not to tell people “mind your own business”.


    • A huge difference Kim.
      When you are looking for an advice, you ask. Otherwise you believe that what you do or not is the right thing for you and your kid(s)!!
      Criticism is tough t deal with anyway…


  4. Hello sis Marie..You are not in this situation alone..I have been criticized over and over hurts when people judge and sometimes even dictates what we moms should do 😞 but their are also criticisms that are constructive too and we learn from them 😊 at the end of the day..We know what’s best for our kids..the best love and care that their own mother can give 😍 hugs sis 😍

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