84 more victims

Watching the words

Flying by

Singing songs

I hear from a distance

Watching hatred

Consuming lives

And shattering so many dreams

So much blood

On the pavement

That no waves could remove

A smile on a photo

And tears in our eyes

Behind us, water shades of blue

Telling us we are alive

Only Love can save us

When inside we are burning

With rage and anger

Thinking of men, women

Even more dramatic, young children

Eyes dazzled by fireworks in the dark sky

Falling down under the wheels

Of a mad truck

84 more victims

Killed by an insane religious fanatic


11 thoughts on “84 more victims

  1. There is way too much hatred and intolerance in the world today.

    Dear Marie, I have to correct you, he was not a religious fanatic. He was not religious at all, please don’t let the media sway you into thinking that just because he was of a certain faith or had a certain name, he was automatically religious. He was insane however, and a horrible man.

    I practice my faith which teaches nothing but peace, love and equality for all. I will not have these terrorists represent my faith. And I will not have the media make it about religion every time a brown man commits a crime.




    • Thank you my dear Nazneen. It’s the way these people present themselves “religious”. I agree that all these killings have nothing to do with religion, especially your religion Islam. You and many others are beautiful exemple of what Islam is and is not.
      Sending you peace and my apologies if I hurt you with my words.

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  2. I am fed up, fed up with all that and I mostly reckon that the Government is not doing the best it can/should. That’s another debate, but the sadness is here.
    How long are we gonna stay for that? We should react, put boundaries. Our heart will not be able to cope for many years and… our future (our ids) need better than that.

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  3. Heartbreaking. And breathtaking words that convey the emotion and the tragedy of it all…

    It’s unending, terrifying.

    Thank you for pouring out your heart here, dear Marie.

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    • It’s the only thing that gives me solace Chris, opening my heart and letting the words flow out of me.
      Stay well and thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.


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