Friends (for better & worse)

Yesterday I read a wonderful text on friendship (I invite you to visit Chris blog to know all about it).

We tend to say that we recognize who our friends are when experiencing dark hours, when crossing the most dangerous roads of our life. I do believe it’s true.

But at the same time I’d like to think that we recognize our good friends in times of joy too. You know the friends with whom you can share your most incredible dreams, your wonderful news and your amazing projects – the kind of friends who encourage you and celebrate life by your side.

We too often wait till something bad happens to say “I’m there. I love you”. We tend to say “tomorrow” or “another day” when we think about phone calls or letters.

Many of my friends are unfortunately living quite far away. We don’t see each other much. I do miss this. I miss the contact. I miss the endless talking, chatting and gossiping sometimes (for fun). I miss the “I’m around, can I come for a coffee?”

I miss the laughs, the secrets we share, the memories we like to look at when turning the pages of a photo album. I miss seeing our kids playing together. I miss special time around a good meal.

I miss my friends so much that I don’t want to wait till something breaks in their life, leaving them empty and scared. I want to be there for the happy days too. So every now and then I send a card, a sweet message. I give a phone call, even a short one. And when I can, I book a trip to visit.


One day it’ll be too late to tell others how much they mean to us, how much they count, how much their friendship is inspiring and precious.

Some of my friends don’t think like I do. They don’t like cards, don’t like calling. They don’t come to visit. Some have excuses. Some don’t.  It worked for me till today. But still I need more contact, more face to face, more friends to share the daily grace and the crazy hours.

What about your friends? Do you see them? What makes you crazy about them?

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8 thoughts on “Friends (for better & worse)”

  1. Excellent post, Marie! I couldn’t agree more that the ‘face to face’ is so important. I love having a friend who is spontaneous and I don’t have to book her months in advance LOL. I also believe in the saying that ‘Friends are like the starts, you may not see them all the time but they’re always there.”

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  2. I have 4 “Root Friends.”
    I call them that because they’ve been w/ me since the beginning and we have deep, profound roots.
    But Kay was my ultimate friend. Nobody an compare w/ her.
    Love to you dear, Marie, from MN. xxx

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  3. Hi Marie,

    Friends are like fragrant flowers, their power of attraction is incredible and yes, I agree…we miss them, yearn for their company if they are far away as we want them to be with us in joy as well as sorrow. All my friends too are far away…I get to meet them now only once a year, sometimes after 2 years but as they say distance makes the heart grow fonder…I cherish those hugs which are warmer and longer, I love those smiles which are wider when you meet them after a long gap and nobody takes you for granted! 🙂 Real ones make an effort to connect immediately.

    Thank you for such a heart-warming post that took me back into time to savour those moments of friendship. I feel we too are great friends, may be connected with words but I do feel that warmth. 🙂

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    1. “fragrant flowers”, I love this beautiful image Balroop. When we see friends after a long time apart, it’s powerful and we do cherish these special moments, like new treasures found.
      I too feel that warmth and that special thread of love between us. Thank you and stay blessed my friend.


  4. Oh sweet friend, THANK YOU for sharing my post here! Wow. That means so very much to me. ❤

    I am so sorry you are far away from many of your friends! I can't imagine how hard that must be… Just the day to day texts and visits are great blessings we get to experience with our friends.

    I love that you continue to put forth effort in staying in touch, and I totally agree that celebrating the GOOD TIMES with our friends is SO important too. I think that is one of the things that brings me SO MUCH JOY! 🙂

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    1. I had the time to connect with many friends during the summer Chris and it was fabulous. We just had to make a quick call or just pop up at one another. It was so special.
      GOOD Times are the ones we do like to remember when we meet again. It’s good to have images of warm hugs, kisses, smiles and memorable laughs with us to face the day to day routine.
      Thank you for your sweet words and for being such a supportive and lovely friend.


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