Autumn is coming…

Summer is gone. We could not bear it anymore – too hot. We were looking for fresh air everywhere. Kids grew cranky and grow-ups tired, in the blazing heat of early September.

I look outside, it’s pouring rain. It feels so good – a relief. It smells like a sweet pie just out of the oven, ready to be savored. My whole body shivers – pure pleasure. It’s a blessing after these busy days. And the beginning of a new season too.

Autumn is my favorite. I like everything about it, its sounds, its colors, its warmth, the pleasure we get to be inside and enjoy the comfort of our own homes, that we tend to let down when the sun is high is the sky. I love being able to spend hours in the kitchen, playing with new recipes or just relax on the couch in front of a good movie. I love entire days reading books and building sacred spaces with a couple of chairs and a blanket, cuddling on cushions and playing games all together. I enjoy a lot being inside, dressed in one of my must-loved home-wear clothes; let the window open and the cold air of outside caressing the skin of my face with gentleness. I love testing new teas and hot-chocolates, baking scones or making jam. And meeting friends in our favorite coffee-shop, looking at Paris getting ready for the year-end festivities.


I love scarves, boots and comfy coats, gloves and the touch of wool. Walking in nature and staring gracefully at the leaves falling down, changing colors, at the naked trees standing still.

Autumn. A time to breath and relax, to relax and let go, to let go and take care of ourselves, to take care of others and forgive ourselves, to forgive and move on, to move on and enjoy each second of the present, to enjoy life and remember that today is perfect and that we too are perfect, in the eyes of Creator. Nothing else should matter.

Autumn. A time to shine inside…

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13 thoughts on “Autumn is coming…”

  1. Lovely poetic prose! I felt like I was sitting with you, on that comfy couch and tasting your scones…yummm…happiness is reading such relaxing pieces and letting go to welcome a new season. Stay blessed dear friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How sweet Balroop. I am glad you felt this way.
      Autumn is really a time to rejoice and be around people we love. Take the time and relax together.
      I’m glad to see happiness sliding between your words and filling the space on the screen. Stay well lovely Balroop.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard when summer does not look like summer at all Foz. We feel like there is no other season than autumn and winter – cold days only. I felt that way in Ireland thought I love the spirit of autumn. Tke care my friend. xoxo


  2. So beatifully written sis Marie 😊 Autumn has been one of the seasons I have been wanting to see..we have only two seasons here..summer and rainy season.. I still can’t access my blog sis Marie..Forgot my password 😞 anyway just passing by sis Marie..hugs 😍


    1. I hope you’ll experience autumn one day Sie. It’s so calming and peaceful. It’s like nature is taking some rest and breath with ease.
      So sad for your blog. What about opening a new one?
      Thinking of you Ate Sie. You and your lovely family are in my thoughts ans prayers.


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