Incredible Women!

They have a way to say things, to encourage each other.

They use “love” like others say “hello”.

They hug you when they met you for the first time.

They are willing to share every bits and pieces of their story, ups and downs of life, without worrying about what you’ll think about them.

You feel safe and at home around them.

They know what you keep inside and give you some space to let it go.

They love you without a doubt, praying that you’ll be ok, that your loved ones will be fine. Without knowing your name or any of your scars.

They believe and have faith.

They welcome you with a smile and the assurance that whatever happens they’ll be there. For you.

They say “you are fabulous”, “you kick ass”, “you rock or “you’re an angel”.

They are themselves no matter what.

They attend to your kids and take care of them, like their own. They pack their bags for a pajama party, when they feel you can’t take it anymore.

They see behind your beautiful smile. They see your tears. They know they won’t last.

They don’t wait till you fall down to be there and share help.

They are Incredible Women!9c964c61f63d34e5bb50415611696743

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17 thoughts on “Incredible Women!”

  1. Where are they? gimme the address real quick :)))). Kidding you, I have a few of them, actually exactly two here in Colorado and some others are miles away, and I am sure you are one of them too. It is really crazy how we can make friends and good relations with people we have never met in person.

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    1. I know Amira. It’s crazy isn’t it. I connected with fabulous girls here. It feels like we know each other thought we never met and we never saw each other’s face for some!
      Incredible – it has something to do with God talking to us!
      Take care and enjoy your friends.


  2. that’s you sis Marie 😊 it is natural for us that have gone through scars to be more strong and caring..I guess because we have been there and felt with the pain so we become more sensitive and appreciate others easily 😉 passing by sis Marie..yay finally I retrieved my blog 😊

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    1. You’re right Ate Sie. And it’s very important that we share bits and pieces of our story. It helps others. It takes some of their pain away.
      And we can then rejoice in victories. You are a strong and fabulous mum and woman. Be pround!
      Sending you love
      ps – could you give me your link again?


  3. OH Marie, this is absolutely LOVELY. And yes, these women are the ones we want in our lives and the kind of woman I want to always be… ❤

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